Iran’s national poet, dies at 87

Simin Behbahani Iran’s national poet, dies at 87


I'm So in Love

I'm so in love, so in love! that I cannot see myself
I ask this mirror where my Simin has gone
Where have her eyes, revealing and raven-lashed, since gone
Her eyes that read me books by pillowside.
Her lips that tell your lips,
'Take from me whatever you want from me, for I am sweet and ripe'

Why should my doctor say, Endure the distance!
Tell him enduring is not worthy of my ways
Why should I, a restless soul, endure
I, of delicate heart, a spirit so light
Why should I endure, I'm not solemn or made of stone.

I could sum up in one line a thousand wishes of mine:
Every last wish would be to linger with a companion
What am I saying?! My time has come and gone
Youth impossible, to old age I must resign
Loving and caring are not becoming of me 
Shameful I am of one, fearful of the other indeed

But openly I speak to the mirror, that confidant of mine
That tells me of late:
Oh you eternal lover, What ask you of Simin,
For I can see nothing of her within.


 By Simin Behbahani

Translated from the Persian by Niloufar Talebi


Biographical Highlights & Chronology

Birth: July 20, 1927 - Tehran, Iran

Given Name: Siminbar Khalili

Father: Abbas Khalili (1893–1971)

Mother: Fakhr-e Ozma Arghun (1898–1966) 

First husband: Hassan Behbahani, divorced, three children

Second husband: Manuchehr Koushyar

Nationality: Iranian

Education: B.A., Legal Studies, University of Tehran

1951: Publishes first book Setar-e Shekasteh (Broken Lute)

1953–present: Publishes over a dozen books of poetry, develops her innovations to the style and content of the traditional ghazal

1991: Publishes the autobiography/memoir An Mard, Mard-e Hamraham (That man, my companion)

1997: Nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature

1997: Nomination for Nobel Prize in Literature

1998: Human Rights Watch / Hellman-Hammet Grant

1999: Carl von Ossietzky Medal / named president of Iranian Writers Association

2004: Latifeh Yarshater Book Award

2006: Nomination for Nobel Prize in Literature

2007: Norwegian Authors' Union Freedom of Expression Prize

2008: Association of Professors & Scholars of Iranian Heritage, Distinguished Scholar Award -

2009: mtvU Poet Laureate

2011: Farhang Foundation Heritage Award


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